WSU Digital

A state of the art campus navigator.

Project Overview

Western Sydney University’s new flagship Parramatta City Campus at 1 Parramatta Square marks the start of an exciting new era for the University. We created a state of the art Campus Navigator to guide students around WSU’s new flagship Parramatta City Campus.

The Challenge

The new purpose-built campus provides a student-centred state of the art collaborative environment, modelled upon an activity-based workplace. In keeping with a technology first environment we were tasked with developing a digital wayfinding system for the entire building.

The Solution

Collaborating with THERE, we were tasked with crafting a user-centric wayfinding system that supported the campus’ new learning style.

The custom built digital WSU Campus Navigator - providing engaging touch-screen wayfinding and realtime (API data driven) information about the building and its usage.

The WSU Campus Navigator interface enabled students to be able to book a study room, find a Lecturer or even see when the next train is about to depart from nearby Parramatta Station - connecting the campus to its immediate surrounds.