Regional Australia Bank

A website built on the Sitecore Experience Platform, positioning them at the heart of the community.

Project Overview

Frank Digital was presented with the opportunity to re-create the digital presence of the Regional Australia Bank. Underpinned by the core values of Regional Australia Bank, the site focuses on ensuring that real world experiences connect with the online digital environment.

The Challenge

Our goal was to position Regional Australia Bank at the heart of the community and demonstrate the integral role the bank plays in Regional Australia by its support of local initiatives and causes.

The Solution

Built on the back of the Sitecore Experience Platform means that personalised and immersive digital experiences can be delivered to their customers ensuring their experience is seamless. The platform enables the site to track user behaviours and serve them relevant content based on previous actions.

Desktop Environment

With the user remaining the key focus, the site was designed for Regional Australians to be totally connected. Some key features include life stage grouping of products, a quick and easy comparison tool, and a search function enabling users to quickly locate contextual results.

Beautiful Imagery

We managed to source contemporary and emotive imagery that reflects the brands new positioning.

Seamless Mobile Experience

The new website is fully responsive across desktop, tablet, and mobile whilst also conforming to AA Accessibility standards providing equal access and equal opportunities for all users.

Simple UI

Simple and organic; yet deeply intuitive: UI elements that will spark your sense of regional Australia.