Reimagining digital experiences to grow leads for one of the world’s largest education providers.


A design truly fit for its audience

SAE (owned by global education group Navitas) has been at the forefront of education for over 40 years. With course options in more than 20 different countries and across 50 campuses, it is not only one of the world's largest education providers, but also one of the most prestigious. SAE approached Frank Digital to help them better connect with their target audience, focusing on a user experience which educates and nurtures users and ultimately leads to an increase in student enquiry rates. We developed and deployed 26 global variations of the website and this project has won a number of awards, including two gold W3 Awards and a platinum DottComm award.

Immersive design to drive deeper user engagement

From the initial research phase it became clear that to engage a creative audience, a visually exciting and interactive user experience was essential. Design and development teams worked collaboratively to inject subtle animations and micro-engagements throughout the experience. The result; the perfect balance of movement, enabling an immersive browsing experience without compromising site speed or usability.

Award winning navigation, supported by sophisticated search

Choosing the right educational course can be a hugely overwhelming process - one which our user experience team addressed head on. Through multiple rounds of refinements to the information architecture and navigation we were able to land on a structure which could house the diverse range of content into intuitive journey-led groupings. While we were confident in the proposed site structure, we know from user testing that no navigation is fail proof. Therefore, we crafted a supporting search experience which provided users a failsafe way to reach content quickly and continue their research journey without interruption.

Architecting a global platform for growth

We developed and deployed 26 global variations of the website, creating a bespoke multisystem ecosystem for SAE. Each website was equipped with its own customised CMS, enabling advanced control of localised content for the target market. Our developers also created a master code base, meaning global updates could simultaneously be applied to all sites, saving time and effort when optimising and enhancing the user experience over time.