A conversion-focused, modern website to celebrate a rich history and cater to a diverse audience


A new era of engagement for a long-standing brand

Perpetual, a globally-recognised financial services company based in Australia, approached us with a unique challenge. They needed a full-scale, digital transformation that would not only reflect the essence of their long-standing brand, but also resonate with current markets and captivate multiple audience groups across their three core business divisions - Wealth Management, Asset Management, and Corporate Trust. The result? a modern, conversion-focused website that honoured Perpetual’s rich history, revitalised their digital presence, and empowered a multitude of audience groups with quick, convenient gateways to relevant information.

Robust navigation, search and filtering capabilities

Our solution introduced a thoughtfully-organised mega menu, providing users with convenient pathways to explore Perpetual's three distinct divisions. This approach not only highlighted the profound scope of Perpetual's services but also delivered enhanced structure and usability, allowing users to seamlessly access each division's offerings. Alongside an advanced mega menu, we strengthened the overall user experience through an immersive search and robust in-page filtering. These powerful tools were thoughtfully integrated to support quick, effortless access to relevant information. Whether users were searching for specific funds, topics, or particular divisions, these features ensured a hassle-free, efficient experience.

A unified, user-friendly experience

A flexible tool was strategically introduced at the top of key pages, empowering users to quickly find relevant information. This tool - activated by clicking on “i’m interested in” - served as a guide, effortlessly directing users to the right places to minimise exit-rates and increase conversions. Across all pages, we delivered a consistent and unified experience, ensuring that users could easily navigate and explore Perpetual's services without encountering inconsistencies and confusion. The website's design struck a balance between a corporate, established look and modern aesthetics, resulting in a polished, clean interface.

Driving conversions through innovative design

Throughout each stage of our team’s process, our choices remained laser-focused on boosting conversions. Service and fund pages were meticulously crafted to feature high-level overviews, in-page anchor link navigation, comprehensive details, engaging animations and compelling calls to action. Ultimately, this resulted in a fresh, dynamic platform that improved user satisfaction and increased conversion rates.