A truly immersive digital experience for the rapidly evolving nature of their audience.

Project Overview

We have been tasked with positioning Merivale as the ‘curator of experiences’ for all of their guests, creating a truly seamless and memorable digital experience to match that of Merivale’s 70 plus brands and world class venues.

The Challenge

We had to create a complex custom Wordpress build that needed to integrate with multiple third party data sources. It was also the first restaurant group to integrate with the Dimmi API. There were multiple needs of each department that all had to be addressed and on top of that Merivale required a flexible platform that could keep up with the constantly evolving organisation.

The Solution

Allowing the website to be extremely flexible we built it around the concept of a headless CMS. Angular Universal was used in order to improve the load speed of the website.   We created powerful integrations working with the various API’s powering Merivale’s different booking platforms.   The lightning fast keyword search is powered by Algolia which allows users to see relevant results as they type.   The Careers section integrates with recruitment software to pull in the latest roles across the Merivale business.   We also Built a custom backend tool which provides Restaurant Managers access to update Menu information and Opening Times.

Seamless Online Bookings

We integrated a custom booking panel that funnels users to either one of the two Merivale booking platforms:   a.   Dimmi - Restaurant Table bookings b.   Ungerboeck - Event Function bookings

Intelligent Search

Advanced search giving users the ability to find what they’re looking for fast.

Intuitive Navigation

Points users in the right direction - in a seamless way across all devices. The visual breadcrumb gives users context of where they are in the site, while providing useful navigation functionality.

Dynamic & Engaging Imagery

Warm and inviting; yet uniquely Merivale. Imagery that will spark your senses and awaken your taste buds.

Branded Venue Pages

Customisable venue pages allow Merivale to populate each brand with its own look and feel creating a unique experience for users

Powerful Micro-interactions

The little things are what make the experience memorable and enjoyable.   The form UI across the site - while simple and refined, gives the user confidence through live feedback, smooth transitions and fast interactions.