Crafting a high-conversion eCommerce experience for Australia’s leader in fine jewellery, watches and diamonds


A tradition of style and innovation

Gregory Jewellers has a rich heritage of exquisite craftsmanship and dedicated customer service. With over 50 years experience and a growing chain of retail stores across the country, they’re one of Australia’s most well-recognised and trusted brands for fine jewellery and diamonds. Gregory approached Frank Digital to reimagine their online presence with a focus on seamless UX, beautiful design and a forward-thinking eCommerce experience.


Context & research

As with all of our projects, we kicked off with a hands-on and highly collaborative context session with the Gregory Jewellers team. This gave us insight into Gregory’s history as a business, as well as their vision for future growth across retail, digital and marketing. Our research unearthed a wealth of opportunities around UX and design, as well as the potential to streamline key business processes related to stock management and order fulfilment.


Ideation & prototype development

With the key product requirements defined, we ideated a number of potential solutions, gradually refining the approach and developing our initial sketches and ideas into a fully-functioning clickable prototype. To ensure a truly user-centric approach, we user-tested our prototype with a number of primary audiences, noting key feedback and gauging overall sentiment. Updates were made to language, button placement and product detail layouts to accommodate user feedback and ensure the focus remained on clarity and conversion throughout the shopping experience.

Intelligent site-wide search

Frank Digital are the leaders in blazingly-fast, intelligent search solutions. Our expertise and experience in this field is of particular value to our eCommerce clients, who require search solutions that surface accurate and relevant results in real-time, while also making clever suggestions for associated purchases.

Enabling choice and exploration

We know customers like to navigate in different ways. Some people know exactly what they’re after, while others prefer a more discovery-based approach that enables exploration and inspiration. When it comes to fine jewellery purchases, both approaches are equally valid and our user testing demonstrated the importance of choice and personalisation throughout the shopping experience. We adjusted our navigation and filtering accordingly, enabling customers to shop by ‘brand’, ‘collection’, category’ or ‘price’ and ensuring all options are easily accessible and optimised across both desktop and mobile.

Finding the perfect engagement ring

When it comes to finding that perfect stone, matched with the perfect setting, our research and user testing (and personal experience!) made it very clear that no two clients are alike. Some opted for the size of the diamond, while others focussed on smaller stones of a higher quality. Some clients wanted a finished product, while others sought to create a unique piece and be part of the artisan process. With these research findings in mind, we designed an intuitive discovery tool that enables users to quickly find the perfect engagement ring on their terms, whether their preference was diamond shape, setting, material or price range.

Keeping the personal touch

Gregory Jewellers pride themselves on exquisite customer service, ensuring clients are guided and supported throughout the entire product research, selection and purchasing experience. Gregory’s expert consultants guide all of their clients through the various options and considerations associated with purchasing an engagement ring, most notably diamond colour, cut, clarity and carat weight, as well as a myriad of other factors. We understood that it was incredibly important to replicate this approach throughout the online experience, enabling clients to easily browse and shortlist items and to then make a booking for a face-to-face consultation. Our elegant consultation booking experience achieves this beautifully, seamlessly capturing key client details, product descriptions and other key details that ensure Gregory staff can follow up quickly and efficiently.

Integration with Afterpay & Zip

Successful eCommerce solutions place design, convenience and joy at the heart of the purchasing experience. Brands who invest in the evolution of user experience will be the ones to charge ahead of their competition, which is exactly why Gregory has chosen to integrate Afterpay and ZipMoney throughout their shopping experience. Clients can choose from a variety of checkout options to suit their payment preferences, all from within the one eCommerce solution across desktop and mobile.

The story behind the craftmanship

More and more of our clients are wanting to showcase the stories behind their products, highlighting the skill and effort that goes into creating a truly beautiful piece of jewellery. This is how the Gregory Journal was born, creating a home for long-form articles that dive deep into the stories behind Gregory’s history, expertise, products and the world-famous brands they stock.

Responsive. Smart. Sleek.

Partnering with Gregory Jewellers to research, design and develop their new eCommerce experience was an absolute privilege and we’re thrilled with the result. Across all device types and throughout the complete research, shortlisting and purchasing journey, the new Gregory website is sure to delight.