Creating a high-performance website to help one of Australia’s most successful startups grow even faster


When brand meets performance

Employment Hero is one of Australia’s most highly respected, dynamic technology startups. More than 80,000 businesses worldwide use their powerful suite of employment and HR tools, with a user base quickly approaching a monumental 1,000,000 mark. In the midst of their impressive growth, Employment Hero enlisted the talented team at Frank Digital to digitalise their new brand identity and create a website experience that would supercharge their global expansion and customer acquisition. The result? An awe-inspiring, award-winning project that earned a platinum DottComm award.

Site structure that search engines love

As with most industries, Google Search plays a pivotal role in the discovery of Employment Hero’s product offering. Consequently, It was absolutely essential that the website not only included the right content but was also structured optimally for search engine crawling and indexing. The final information architecture emerged from a collaborative, iterative process involving Employment Hero’s marketing team. Together, we explored key user flows, content hierarchy and search usage data to ensure that all customer journeys were optimised regardless of where they originated from.

Comprehensive pricing plans, made easy.

With multiple plans, each boasting a rich list of features, pricing pages can quickly become overwhelming and difficult to follow. This challenge became particularly evident during the competitor research phase, and was a pitfall our design team was determined to avoid. Thanks to a thorough UX analysis and thoughtful implementation, we rose to the challenge and crafted a highly dynamic pricing page that allowed users to easily understand plans regardless of device or screen size. From the perspective of web administrators, the pricing components were also meticulously developed to ensure user-friendliness, enabling seamless additions as new features are introduced.

Growing leads with conversion rate optimisation

By strategically aligning creative design, conversion-driven methodologies and effective UX, we successfully crafted a website that not only engages visitors, but also seamlessly guides them towards meaningful conversions. Our unwavering commitment to understanding customer behaviour, pain points and preferences paved the way for an intuitive, compelling experience that generates leads, delivers conversions, and drives sustained business growth.