Creating a unified brand experience to boost conversions and assert E&P’s authority in the financial industry


Establishing a cohesive brand and digital experience

E&P - previously known as Evans and Partners - is a leading financial services company that provides expert financial advice and solutions to individuals, families, corporates, institutions and nonprofits. In the midst of a dynamic brand transformation, E&P approached the experienced team at Frank Digital to tackle a unique business challenge: they had multiple websites scattered throughout the market - sometimes hiding under different brand names - that catered to a diverse range of audiences. Together, we embarked on a journey to create an engaging, consolidated experience that clearly defined their company identity, connected with each diverse audience group, and positioned E&P as an industry authority.

Converting leads with carefully crafted pathways

Our project journey began with an immersive context session, where we delved deeply into the core of E&P to uncover their background and aspirations. With newfound clarity, we forged a strategy designed to engage distinct audience segments through tailored content and compelling calls to action. Subsequently, during the Information Architecture (IA) phase, we expertly harmonised existing website content with E&P's vision. This integration led to the creation of seamless pathways and user journeys, all with the primary goal of enhancing the user experience and boosting conversions.

Fostering authority, leadership and trust

Alongside a unified brand experience and increased conversions, a critical goal during the redesign was to build trust and establish E&P as an industry authority. This involved creating a prominent Insights page, teeming with invaluable content and encouraging user subscriptions. This strategic initiative underscored E&P's commitment to delivering authoritative thought leadership and fostering a trusted relationship with their audience.

Intuitive browsing for a broad audience

E&P's new, cutting-edge website was meticulously designed to cater to a vast and diverse target audience, making an efficient navigation system essential. To overcome this challenge, we embraced a mobile-first approach, guaranteeing that every visitor, regardless of their device, would quickly find their way to relevant content. In our relentless pursuit to offer the most user-friendly experience, we also introduced a thoughtfully-integrated breadcrumb system. This addition empowered users to navigate seamlessly between different sections of the site, creating a smoother, intuitive browsing experience and effortless exploration of the site’s extensive content. Additionally, integration of Algolia search functionality equipped users with multiple entry points to discover specific content. This feature empowered users to conduct precise searches, ensuring an impeccably clean and efficient search experience that raised the bar for user engagement.

A sleek and contemporary design

E&P’s website redesign triumphantly surpassed its objectives. The site's sleek and contemporary design, embellished with premium, architectural imagery, revolutionised E&P’s brand and user experience, and significantly increased conversions. With a new, cohesive brand and accessible presentation of tailored services for distinct audiences, E&P firmly entrenched itself as a commanding authority in the financial services sector.