CanTeen Parent Community

A thoughtfully designed platform for those affected by cancer to connect, learn and be supported.

Project Overview

CanTeen Connect for Parents is an online community designed to connect parents affected by cancer and provide tailored support and resources to assist with their family’s cancer journey.

The Research

Before we jumped in, we underwent a thorough research phase where we ran various user mapping exercises with the internal CanTeen teams to identify their core users, the goals they want to achieve, and the tasks needed to achieve them. These exercises ran in parallel with a series of focus groups comprising of parents who have been affected by cancer.

The Findings

After consolidating the data from the focus groups and internal client exercises, it was clear that there was a need to design a platform that easily allowed parents affected by cancer to connect with others in the same situation as theirs.

The Solution

We used these findings to design a solution that was validated directly by the parents who would be using this platform. This ensured the platform was designed to meet parents where they were at, while providing natural and easy opportunities for them to connect with others in the same situation as them - ultimately gaining them the valuable support and community they asked for.

Connect with Parents Just Like You

Quickly and easily build a support network with other parents who are going through the same cancer journey.

Engaging & Helpful Discussions

Parents can explore and contribute to the active discussion threads and get invaluable advice and support from others in a similar situation to theirs.

Bringing Parents Closer through Messaging

We implemented a direct message functionality for parents to form deeper connections with other parents in a private space.

Sharing Experiences through Blogs

Parents can read the inspiring words of other parents who are sharing their family’s cancer journey sharing their family’s cancer journey

Community on-the-go

We completely optimised the mobile experience so parents could easily engage and receive support wherever they find themselves.