Campos Coffee

A beautifully crafted brand and eCommerce website.

Project Overview

Starting with the sole belief that coffee only tastes good when it’s made ethically and with care we were tasked with crafting the digital rejuvenation of the Campos Coffee eCommerce website.

The Challenge

Quality coffee cultivated by good. It’s the simple truth their business is built on and we were tasked with the challenge of bringing the ethos to life online while also driving an increase in product sales and franchise enquiries.

The Solution

We used a combination of intelligent UX, stunning video assets, intelligently crafted copy and inspiring images to create a deep brand connection thus enticing users to dive deeper into the site, explore more about Campos and finally drive an increase in sales.

Engaging Desktop Environment

We used a full screen looping video when you land on the home page, elegant hover effects on navigation, seamless cascading on scroll and subtle magnification imagery on rollover.

Seamless Shopping

Taking advantage of the Woo Commerce platform we designed a seamless shopping experience that helped users find the right beans for their taste buds. The clean and simple interface along with intelligent filtering allows for a quick and simple sales process.

Beautiful Imagery

Beautiful imagery truly reflecting the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every cup of Campos coffee.

Stunning Mobile Experience

With all the functionality of the desktop environment we simplified the user journey for mobile sales. Meaning you can purchase Campos coffee anywhere and anytime.