Aqualand Australia

Corporate website launch for one of Australia’s hottest new property developers.

Project Overview

Setting a new benchmark that aims to go beyond the expected, Aqualand is creating beautiful, intelligently designed living, working and shopping environments. Frank’s goal was to deliver a digital experience that was both unique and rewarding, reflecting the organisation’s desire for innovation in the digital space.

The Challenge

How do you position yourself as a pioneer of industry, demonstrate bold thinking, while striving to deliver customers more than they’re expecting?

The Solution

We designed and built a beautiful, fully-responsive website with an integrated content hub that demonstrated Aqualand’s brand personality and thought leadership. Content was cross-pollinated across the site enabling a consistent user journey from landing through to inquiry.

Desktop Environment

Bringing Aqualand’s project portfolio to life with stunning, vibrant imagery and pleasing animations.

Cool Breakouts

Promoting soft call to actions that lend to the user’s curiosity to discover more.

Beautiful Mobile Experience

Responsively simplified page elements that provide ‘just enough, just in time’.

Simple UI

Web-optimised design elements aligned with Aqualand’s corporate brand identity.

Dark Blue Primary
Medium Blue #0071ba
Light Blue #00a3e2