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Meet Smith: We Review WordPress 3.9
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Meet Smith: We Review WordPress 3.9

If hearing the words ‘website update’ give you an instant stress headache, you’re not alone. But if you haven’t yet considered WordPress for your website, the latest update – named ‘Smith’ in honour of jazz organist Jimmy Smith – could get your website humming smoothly faster than you can say ‘skiddlybop’.

As the web’s easiest and most powerful website content management system, WordPress continues to improve in functionality and security with each update. Accessible and user-friendly, it’s used by 22.0% of the top 10 million websites* – and no wonder, with more and more businesses seeking a versatile and easily customisable website.

New features

WordPress 3.9 ‘Smith’ takes ‘user-friendly’ to a whole new level, with improvements to the administration and editing interfaces:

  • User-friendly widgets – live previews and widget management tools make it easier to add, move, delete, and edit widgets.
  • Improved visual editing – edit your pages and posts faster with a refreshed interface with better speed, accessibility and mobile support. Plus, you can paste text directly from MS Word without having to tidy up styling.
  • Image management – better access to crop and rotation tools makes editing and scaling a breeze, and using drag-and-drop you can upload images straight from your desktop.
  • Media management – images now have visual galleries in the editor, and you can showcase music and video clips in audio and video playlists.
  • New themes browser – searching for new themes is easy and fun, with live previews and easier installation.
  • Developers will be pleased to see a host of improvements, including new utility functions, updated external libraries, Plupload, Underscore, TinyMCE, Backbone, MediaElement and Masonry 3, as well as an improved database layer that is more fault-resistant and better compatability. HTML5 galleries and captions are also enabled.

*as of August 2013. Source:

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