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How to Inject a Human Touch into an E-Commerce Site
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How to Inject a Human Touch into an E-Commerce Site

Shopping online and on mobile devices is the dominant trend in E-Commerce, as professional services network PwC reports in its Global Total Retail Survey 2016 that 54 percent of people buy products online at least monthly, while  34 percent agree that their smartphone will become their main purchase tool— and probably more quickly than they anticipate. While digital shopping provides convenience, anywhere-access and the ability to make quick purchases, it can be cold and without the personal touch shoppers get with salespeople in a store.

Injecting humanity into an E-Commerce site can make the digital shopping experience feel more relevant and pleasurable, even when there’s no actual human interaction. Make your desktop and mobile E-Commerce environment more human with these tips.

Make Customer Service a Priority on Every Page

As consumers interact online with brands more than ever, a shift has taken place from an emphasis on product development to an emphasis on customer experience. Research and advisory company Gartner reports nearly 90 percent of companies are competing primarily based on customer experience, and that includes being proactive through customer support offerings.

Ways to offer a personal shopper experience in the digital realm include:

  • Using a popup to ask shoppers if they need help
  • Creating a tab that appears on each page with a direct link to customer service
  • Including copy in each product page that prompts shoppers to ask a question if they want to learn more about the product

Integrating techniques such as these makes your E-Commerce store seem more like a personal shopping experience, which is often missing from simple click-and-purchase interfaces.

Make Your Store Social

Entrepreneur magazine named social sharing one of the top five E-Commerce trends related to search engine optimisation in 2016, as the more product pages are clicked, the higher they’ll appear in search results. Prioritising social sharing in your e-commerce store is also a meaningful way to include more of a human element.

Add social sharing buttons to each category and individual product page so:

  • Customers who love the product or want to share the purchase can tell their friends about it
  • Visitors will be more likely to find your social pages and converse with you on social channels
  • Conversation and engagement about your product and e-commerce store can thrive long after the purchase

Make links to all pages your brand has a social media presence on prominent on each page, as well, so that visitors feel like they have a direct link to talking with your team if they need to.

Inject Personality and Emotion into Copywriting and Imagery

Not only has neuroscience research declared an emotional appeal to be the most successful advertising strategy, but the same part of the brain that drives emotions also powers decision-making, as reported in the book Descartes’ Error: Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain. Emotions are directly related to what consumers decide to purchase, which means the more personality you can display in your E-Commerce store, the better.=

Ways to add an emotional appeal to your e-commerce store include: 

  • Make calls to action more compelling or sassy than a simple “purchase”
  • Use a storytelling technique when writing product descriptions
  • Create a video that lives in the store that shows how real consumers have been positively impacted by the products
  • Show smiling faces in photography

Don’t approach the creative part of your E-Commerce messaging like a robot. Write and create as if you were targeting a trusted friend, not a stranger, and the consumer will feel like the understand your brand more and find it more relatable.

We want to hear how you’ve made online shopping more personal. Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.


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