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Here Are The Biggest Announcements From Google IO 2016
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Here Are The Biggest Announcements From Google IO 2016

Google’s three-day developer extravaganza, Google IO 2016, wrapped up last Friday near its headquarters in Mountain View, California. While some of the announcements that got attendees jumping up and down for joy won’t come to fruition until late 2016, here are 10 of the biggest takeaways for marketers and tech-heads alike:

Android N

New features of Google’s new version of its mobile operating system include software updates in the background, new 3D graphics to improve gaming, increased security and multi-window support. Look out for it’s launch late 2016.


We touched on the power of conversational UI here, and now Google’s new artificial intelligence-powered assistant understands voice commands better than ever. The Next Web reports 20 percent of Google searches are performed by voice, which made Assistant such a notable priority.


Speaking of conversational UI, Allo is a mobile-only messaging app that uses Assistant to generate automatic replies and allows users to search on Google as they’re chatting. It also includes an incognito mode, expiring messages, private notifications and encrypted messages and will be available for both Android and iOS devices.


Messaging by Google is enhanced with Duo, a standalone, mobile-only video chatting app that uses a a selfie-cam video preview to allow users you’re calling to see you before they answer. It will also be available for both Android and iOS devices when it is released this winter.

Google Home

Engadget predicts this wireless speaker device, debuting this fall, will overtake Amazon Echo, as the voice-powered assistant uses data from products such as Gmail, Calendar and Google Now to deliver personalised help with tasks ranging from making dinner reservations to streaming music podcasts.


Daydream is Google’s vision for empowering companies to layer virtual reality into their products, with a basic set of specifications powered by Google. The Daydream headset will be compatible with a variety of handsets, including Samsung, HTC and LG.

Project Abacus

In an effort to remove the burden of passwords and PINs from the user, Google plans to eliminate passwords in favour of a combination of signals, reports TechCrunch. Expect the development to be available by the end of the year.

Android Wear 2.0

In its first revamp since its release in 2014, the new Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch allows users to customise the app data that appears on their watch face. In a move to free users from having to carry multiple devices, the watch includes new features like automatic exercise recognition, a swipeable keyboard and third-party app syncing.

Android Instant Apps

For those who are sick of waiting for apps to download, Android Instant Apps allows users to take advantage of app core features without going through the process of downloading an app they may only use once. You can also look at screens within an app instantly, increasing the power for developers to reach new users.

Android Auto

Make every car trip better with Android Auto, which shows drivers accident alerts and speed trap warnings in real time. The app features integrated steering wheel controls and voice actions to minimise distraction while using it on the road.


What Google IO 2016 announcement has you geeking out? How do you plan to use the new developments in your mobile and web strategy? Talk to us on our Facebook page here.


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