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Being Authentic. Designing Genuine Experiences
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Being Authentic. Designing Genuine Experiences

‘One size fits all’ is an ideal utopia.

There is no such thing, in any field of life, that’s a perfect universal fit, a solution right for everybody, or everything.

Life is relative, and all experiences are packed with variables unique to a particular moment, location, point in time, and many other factors which form the lens through which we view and experience the world.

Authenticity in design

The same principle holds true in the design field. When it comes to digital design, you don’t have to search far to find plenty of “one size fits all” templates on offer.

While on one hand, they do the job of easily delivering a low cost digital presence to the broader public, on the other hand, it is disturbing to witness an increasing ‘robotisation’ and ‘mechanic standardisation’ of digital solutions being supported by creative agencies.

The biggest issue is the poor use of these ‘magical templates’ limit the possibilities of customised and unique experiences. They categorise all clients and projects as equals, while treating different needs equally.

Be unique, be more human

We can understand some common patterns, structures and behaviours that constitute an accepted ‘recipe for success’. But we also know that every brand, client, project and audience is different, with particular needs, requirements, expectations and desires. Therefore, they must be treated differently and respectfully. Custom needs require custom solutions.

As a creative agency that’s where we can bring real and far-reaching value.

By delving deep and exploring the particularities (and peculiarities) of each project, we’re able to highlight what makes each different and exciting. It’s about bringing a specific personality to life, and adding just the right spice, emotions, nuances and expressions to the experience at hand.

We’re not dealing with science and cold mathematical approaches – instead, we’re being technical and analytic, while still communicating ideas and personalities. The human element is the truly exciting part.

We’re not (yet) robots of manufacturing.

Exploring the right solution

The same ingredients can create a vast variety of recipes.

So aiming towards ‘unique’ and individualised solutions does not mean the reinvention and creation of the individual ‘ingredients’ of design. Rather, it’s about breaking things into little pieces, improving what’s available, being smart on the approach, and creative in exploration. Ultimately, finding the potential to go beyond, not simply mimicking solutions. My advice is: embrace the differences and question the standards. There is no ‘magical’ solution that will be right for every project. Each will be unique in its own way, and ‘one’ solution will be right for ‘one’ project.

At Frank, we’re committed to creating the right and best tailored solution for each individual client and project. We make it happen with love, passion, high skills and technical understanding.

If you’re curious, learn more about us, and if you have an exciting project, get in touch.

Share your thoughts on our Facebook page explaining how you embrace uniqueness on your process, brand or project.


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