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8 Digital Tools to Keep Global Teams Connected
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8 Digital Tools to Keep Global Teams Connected

If you’re like most businesses, your employees are probably doing work outside the office. The 2016 Global Workplace Analytics report found employees are increasingly mobile when completing tasks, as workers are away from their desks up to 60 percent of the time. The 2015 SHRM Research: Flexible Work Arrangements report found 56 percent of employers offer telecommuting, so chances are good whatever type of business you’re in digital or not, you’ll be working with an off-site employee at some point.

A 2015 survey by business communication tool 15Five found 81 percent of workers value open communication in a company over perks like a health plan or gym membership, but only 15 percent of employees believe their companies do a very good job at fostering honesty. As we at Frank Digital have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and London, we know how paramount effective global team communication is to keep employees engaged and make sure clients are thrilled with the end product.

Whether you have employees who work remotely or you have offices around the world, staying connected is vital to maintain unity across your brand. The Harvard Business Review points out improving social distance, or the degree of emotional connection among team members, is essential to maintain a collaborative nature among team members. Here are eight tools to use to make team members feel more allied, no matter how far apart they are from each other.

Large file storage in a safe and secure place that allows for permissions-based access is a must for projects related to design, photography and more. Dropbox allows for anywhere-access of assets, so you never have to stall on projects.

Google Hangouts
If your business uses Gmail as its email interface, Google Hangouts are a natural choice for video conferencing, with meeting capabilities for up to 10 people on a video call at once. Group messaging within the app reaches up to 150 people.

Have meetings any time, anywhere, with this video meeting tool that allows for in-meeting chat and screen sharing. Record meetings so those who missed them are still in the loop.

Teams using iOS devices can use Skitch to edit projects with shapes, sketches and annotations. The Evernote application allows for quick collaboration that benefits visually-minded employees.

Chat and video conferencing is rolled into one with Skype, which also archives conversations for later reference. Screen-sharing and file-sharing capabilities elevate its usefulness.

This chat app includes features such as pop-up reminders, Do Not Disturb mode, post threads, calls and virtual assistant bots. Multi-team channels ensure the right workers see appropriate messages.

Project management becomes beautiful and elegant with the project boards offered by Trello. Moving tasks among boards is simple and easy, and the sharing options allow you to keep clients up to date with projects, too.

Dubbed “the enterprise social network,” Yammer allows teams to cultivate culture even when they’re countries apart. With a social sharing interface similar to the most popular networks, it’s an ideal place to share news about everything from team member birthdays to follow-up ideas from the last brainstorming session.

How does your global team stay connected? Share your favourite tools on our Facebook page here.

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